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2nd Neighborhood Watch Recap


The second Neighborhood Watch Meeting happened poolside on Wednesday, May 11, at 6:00pm. Twelve residents attended receiving a handout of data from on the overall reduction of crimes committed in Laurelwood in the past five months in comparison with the previous five months. The break-in pattern seems to be outside access to man doors, the side door to the garage. Corona Police Dept. Lt. James Patton has assured us that, “Emails have been sent out to all the patrol officers for extra patrol in your neighborhood and I will continue to monitor the crime trends in that area.” Chief of Police Michael Abel has said on Facebook “Mail theft and other property crimes are a rising problem and trend in this region.” Because of a stolen master key from the Postmaster, mail is not secure in Corona. Fortunately, 2 of 3 suspects in a mail theft ring have been caught by Corona PD. In the meantime, until the situation is under control, retrieve your mail daily. If you are concerned about your mail being stolen, consider a PO Box.

Hal Zeh, Assistant Store Manager of our local Lowe’s, brought literature to the Watch meeting, highlighting products and services that could deter thieves. Security screens can resist 500 lbs. or 900 lbs. of force, dependent upon the model. Locksets should not be keyed from the inside to allow for safe exit in case of emergency.

Steps to take:

  • Install a timer on an interior light that comes on in the evenings.
  • Keep your garage door closed when unattended.
  • Do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle overnight.
  • Lock your gates with a padlock from the inside.
  • Install dead bolts on your man door.
  • Install a security screen door on your man door and front door.

Guidelines for Architectural Approval are found under Resources. Provide pictures and details of installation when you submit to property management. Hal Zeh said that installation costs could not be discounted, but he would offer a 15% discount for items the screen and lockset. Homeowners can expect to spend between $350-$400 on an economy security screen and lockset purchase and installation, unless there are special fittings required.

If you notice suspicious activity in the neighborhood, Corona Police number 951-736-2330 Opt. 3 for non-emergencies, but if you suspect a crime is in progress, call 911.