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NW Meeting Recap

The first Neighborhood Watch Meeting happened poolside on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 at 5:30pm.  Twenty-five residents attended and asked questions of Corona Police Department representatives: Corporal Madory, Dispatcher Rodriguez and Crime Prevention Assistant, Rosalyna Aguilar.  Residents have been concerned about the rash of burglaries that have occurred throughout Corona as well as our own neighborhood since August this past year.  Corporal Madory outlined steps to take to secure property, making homes less vulnerable to thieves.

  • Lock the doors of your home and vehicle when at home and when you are out.
  • Install dead bolts in your side door, lock your gate and consider having security gates installed on your front door and side door.  Guidelines for Architectural Approval are found under Documents in this website.
  • Install a timer on an interior light that comes on in the evenings.
  • Keep your garage door closed when unattended.
  • Do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle overnight such as cell phones, ipods, chargers, purses.
  • Be wary of strangers at the door claiming to be workers.  Have them slide ID under the door.  Do not identify yourself as single or living alone.  Report any suspicious activity or persons to the non-emergency Corona Police number 951-736-2330 Opt. 3.  Our community is closed to solicitors, so if someone comes to your door soliciting, call this non-emergency number.
  • If you suspect a crime is in progress, call 911.
  • If you will be out for an extended time, let trusted neighbors know to look out for your property and contact Police if they see suspicious activity.  You may also call Corona PD at the non-emergency number to let them know you will be gone on vacation so they can check for signs of entry.  As you provide your phone number, you will be updated in their reverse 911 system to contact you, should a community emergency arise.
  • If you will be out for an extended time, have a radio playing softly inside so that if thieves do get in, they think someone is home and abandon your property.
  • Engrave electronics and valuables with  your driver’s license number.
  • Video the interior of your home, including valuables and keep records in a safe place.  Document the date and place of purchase, cost, serial number and any other identifying information.  Keeping an up-to-date inventory and adequate insurance for contents of your home is a way to keep peace of mind.
  • There are many new digital product on the market, including home security cameras.  Speak with your neighbor about positioning cameras on your patio or front door entry in such a way that your property is viewed and their privacy is maintained.  Many cameras can be installed without architectural modifications.  Check with our Property Manager, Alec Robbie, before you install.
  • Contact the Neighborhood Watch Leader by email to express your interest in Neighborhood Watch.

Future steps are to do a night walk with the Property Manager and check outdoor lighting, under contract with Horizon Lighting. Corona Police sells Neighborhood Watch signs for $35 each that can be posted throughout the community.  Corona Police assure us that the precautions we take and community awareness are the most important steps we can take to deter would-be thieves.