Mailing List


Revised November 13, 2007
Go into effect 2/15/08


COMMERCIAL VEHICLE: Any vehicle which meets any of the following criteria is considered a

“Commercial Vehicle” (1) Displays signage of any kind; (2) has any racks for tools, equipment and or supplies; (3) has any visible tools, equipment or supplies, including pool supplies, ladders, power tools,lawn mowers; or (4) is a vehicle type commonly used for commercial purposes.


RECREATIONAL VEHICLE: Recreational Vehicles shall be defined as any trailer (loaded or unloaded), motor home, camper, motor-craft, aircraft, or watercraft which meets any of the following criteria: (1) is more than one (1) ton in weight; (2) is not used for everyday type transportation; or (3) is too large to fit within a garage, or on a driveway within the Association.

OVERSIZED VEHICLES: An oversized Vehicle is any vehicle which is more than nine feet (9′) in height; too long to fit in a driveway without extending over the driveway onto any sidewalk or street; or too wide to fit entirely within a parking space with at least two inches (2″) on each side before reaching the painted stripe.

  1. Parking Permits must be displayed on all vehicles parking in guest spaces between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. 7 days a week.
  2. Any vehicle which is parked in a guest parking space must be parked head-in; must display a permit; and in a manner, which does not interfere with the parking of any other vehicle in any other parking space.
  3. No vehicle shall be allowed to park on the streets within the Association. At a width of 27 feet, the streets must be kept clear for Ingress/Egress: allowing for two-way traffic flow at all times.
  • Use of spaces is strictly on a first come basis.
  • Parking permits are the property of Corona-Laurelwood HOA, but shall be the responsibility of the owners.
  • Each household will be issued one permit. The owner will be charged a fee of $50.00 for a lost or stolen parking permit.
  • Parking permits must be hung from the rear view mirror. Permit number must be visible from outside of vehicle.
  • Vehicles without a permit are subject to towing at vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Use of any permit previously reported to be lost or stolen may result in the vehicles being towed and/or fines being issued.
  • Anyone duplicating permits will be subject to a fine of $500.00.
  1. Guest parking is limited to 72 hours. No space hopping. Any vehicle parked in guest parking for more than 72 hours is subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. Vehicles in guest parking cannot be covered. Vehicles in driveways or parking spaces must be operable. Vehicles that become unsightly or are in need of repair (including leaking fluids) are not to be left in view from Association streets. Such vehicles parked in guest parking are subject to towing at vehicle owner’s expense. Those parked on driveways are subject to fines.
  2. No major repairs or major restorations are permitted, and minor repairs are only permitted if performed within an enclosed garage. Minor repairs would be oil changes, tune-up, changing of tires.
  3. Recreational Vehicles and Oversized Vehicles may not be parked in any driveway within the Association except for purposes of loading and unloading for a period of time not to exceed two (2) hours. While any Recreational Vehicle or Oversized Vehicle is being loaded or unloaded, such vehicle must have its hazard lights on, and the garage door must remain open for the entire loading/unloading period.
  4. No Recreational Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, or Oversized Vehicle may be parked in any guest parking space.
  5. The following vehicles are not allowed to be parked inside of the association at any time unless previously approved through the management company: Cement trucks, tow trucks, moving vans, any vehicle that does not fit in a parking space or on a driveway.
  6. Any vehicle that cannot be driven, for any reason, must be kept within the garage or removed from the complex. Registration on all vehicles must be current.
  7. Vehicles are allowed to stop along curbs temporarily to load or unload passengers/groceries, etc only if the driveway is not available. Flashers must be on and you may not leave your vehicle unattended for more than 15 minutes.
  8. Repair service vehicles, (plumbing, cable, satellite dish, electrical, etc) can park temporarily in front of unit they are servicing only if driveways are not available. Their flashers must be on.
  9. Vehicles may not block neighboring driveways, street corners, signs or more than one parking space.
  10. *Note: All vehicle violations are subject to immediate ticketing/towing or both without additional notice.