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Parking Tags/Parking update

Beginning Monday, May 15, you MUST have the new parking tag hanging from your rear view mirror with the image facing the windshield. Patrol One will cite once and tow on a second violation. The Association will not take responsibility for towing due to a resident’s accidental or purposeful violation of rules. Furthermore, Management is keeping a close eye on the numbering of parking tags. We have a limited number of parking spaces, and only one tag is issued per unit. If you are
aware of anyone tampering with tags or duplicating a tag, please report to Management. Patrol One will be checking the numbers and reporting to Management. A homeowner can be fined $500 for fraudulent duplication of tags. We each have a garage, a driveway and aone tag for the days we need an extra place to park. Keep it honest for the good of the entire community. And remember to head in to park, so that Patrol One can scan the tags easily. No back-up parking overnight. Most homeowners have picked up their parking passes. Those who haven’t may go in person with ID to: Diversified Real Property Management Office 180 E. Main Street, Suite 101, Tustin, CA 92780