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Can I install Christmas lights in my unit?

Laurelwood allows owners and residents to install Christmas lights in their units as long as the conform to the Rules and Regulations of the Laurelwood HOA. Rules and Regulations can be found under Resources Tab > Architectural Revisions > Holiday Decorations.

How do I get a guest Parking Permit?

Homeowners can contact Property Management to request a guest parking permit. Tenants please contact your Landlord and have them contact Property Management to arrange the request. Per our Rules and Regulations, (1) parking permit is assigned to each unit.

What are the requirements to have a Garage Sale?

Laurelwood has assigned the month of July as a commonly date for all residents to participate on Garage Sales. Specific garage sales date will be posted online and announced. Please notify property management that you are participating. Remember that the City of Corona also  requires permits for these events, please visit Corona Permit Requirements for more information

Where should I park my (or my guest’s) car?

Homeowners are encouraged to use their garages and driveways for parking. Guest spaces are intended for guests and not for long term parking of neighborhood cars. Continued parking in guest spaces by residents is a violation of the parking policy.

Why was I towed?

Vehicles that are parked in a prohibited manner are subject to towing, such as parking in a fire lane. Please refer to the HOA Parking Policy for a full listing of potential violations.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

The Board of Directors  has contracted Diversified Association Management as the management company for Corona Laurelwood. Questions regarding dues payment, Architectural Review requests, general questions, etc. can be submitted by using the contact form on our website.

When/Where do HOA meetings take place?

Meetings take place every 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:00PM at the Corona Public Library, Taber Room. Homeowners and residents may speak for up to 3 minutes on Association issues during Homeowners forum.

I would like to contract Pest Control for my property, who should I contact?

Rodent Pest Technologies is Laurelwood’s vendor to spray the landscape perimeter monthly for ants, spiders and other landscape insects. If you would like to have Rodent Pest Technologies provide service to your personal garage, patio or home, please give them a call at (888)583-9717. If they are already scheduled to come to our community to service common areas, they will give you a significant discount for servicing your property.

Are parking permits required in Guest parking?

Parking Permits  are required and must be displayed on all vehicles parking in guest spaces between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. 7 days a week. Parking permits must be hung from the rear view mirror. Permit number must be visible from outside of vehicle. Remember to comply with all parking rules to prevent ticketing or towing.

Where do I report burnt out light fixtures?

To report burnt out lights, use the contact form to send us an email. Provide light or light fixture location, (front porch, sidewalk, next to mailing box, next to unit 1122, or by pole number, etc).

Where do I report sprinkler issues?

To report sprinkler issues, either broken, re-alignment, water leaks, use the contact form to send us an email. Provide sprinkler location, (front porch, sidewalk, next to light pole, next to unit 1122, etc) and a detailed description of the problem.

How can I get involved in my community?

Be a good neighbor
Communities are stronger when we protect our common interests.  Introduce yourself to new neighbors.  Keep your front, patio and driveway clean.  Put your trashcan away after pickup.  Play your music at a volume heard only by your household.  Remember that open windows and doors can carry sounds and smells to adjacent properties.  Clean up after your pet.  Speak to your children about being a good neighbor.  When we all pitch in, we keep our neighborhood attractive and maintain property values.

Do I need home/renter’s insurance?

Plan for the unexpected, homeowners insurance may help pay for repairs, replacement costs and extra living expenses if something happens to your home. The Association has a Master Policy for fire and damage of your exterior structures down to the studs. Your interior, meaning drywall, paint and flooring, is not covered by the Master Policy. You must have your own condo insurance for any improvements you have made to your interior. Then you should have additional insurance for personal property not attached to the walls and floors—like electronics, clothing, appliances, etc. Be advised, the Association has never purchased CA Earthquake Authority insurance for structures!
If you want coverage, go to You can work with your existing insurance agency to add this coverage. The most you can insure for earthquake is $100K for structures and $100K for personal property.

Where do monthly HOA dues go?

HOA dues are collected from homeowners’ every month. Where does it go? One-third goes to operating expenses. Almost one-half goes to reserves for future replacements. What a relief to have the Association take care of this, right? Yet collectively, we are the Association, and we need your steady contribution of dues to maintain value and safety in Laurelwood homes.

Reserves are kept to ensure that when the HOA needs replacements for fencing, lights and pool equipment, or the eradication of wasps’ nests, the community has adequate funding for these projects and contingencies that arise.

What happens if I don’t pay my HOA dues on time?

When homeowners are in default of payment of their monthly dues, a lien can be placed on the property. The legal use of liens helps our community that if a home is foreclosed, the HOA has recourse in which to seek repayment for dues and attorney fees incurred. Those homeowners who continue to pay dues on time should not have to pay extra because some have fallen behind in payments. Work with us toward the common goal of fiscal responsibility.

Who do I call for disturbances at the pool?

The pool and spa are for the exclusive use of owners and residents of Laurelwood. Guests are allowed ONLY with legal owner or resident. Four Guests per unit at one time without prior permission from Management or Board of Directors. Owners are responsible for the conduct of their families, tenants and guests. Damage to the common pool area will be at the expense of the Laurelwood Homeowner.

See a full list of Pool Rules, see Rules & Regulations under Governing Documents.

What are the laws regarding pets?

Laurewood permits no more than two (2) ‘common domesticated household pets” (i.e., dog, cat) per unit. Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet at all times when pet is taken into the common area. Owners and tenants are responsible for immediate clean up of their pets littler in the common area.

To see a list of complete Pet Rules, go under Documents, select Rules & Regulations.

What is happening to the landscape?

The California drought has affected nearly every corner of Southern California and  Corona Laurelwood has not been spared as can be seen by the vast amount of brown soil where there was once green lush grass.

The Association is doing their best to stay ahead of the drastic effects of the small amount of water that can be used for irrigation.  There is currently a review of drought tolerant plants for inclusion into the landscape design.  The newly renovated parkways along Magnolia and Fullerton have had turf removed and replaced with drought tolerant plants.  Corona Laurelwood was able to benefit by receiving a rebate through the City of Corona.  The irrigation controllers in the community were old and needed to be replaced.  The replacement of the irrigation controllers has been complete and Corona Laurelwood is waiting for the rebate from the City of Corona.

For any concerns and/or issues with landscape, please contact our Property Manager under the Contact us section.

Can I install a satellite dish?

The Association has established guidelines for installation of FCC-permitted dish upon property within the exclusive use or control of the owner.

To see the Satellite Dish Policy, see Architectural Revision under Documents.

What home improvements require a request for architectural revision?

Any changes you would like to make to the exterior of your unit shall be presented in writing to the Architectural Committee and Board of Directors for review, contact the property manager for more information. The Board and the Committee have up to 30 days to respond to your application. Approval or rejection will be communicated by the Properly Manager.