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2nd Slurry Surfacing Update

2nd Slurry Surfacing Update

See Slurry Surfacing Map schedule.

Homeowners and Tenants:

During the slurry seal on May 19th 2016, please be reminded that there is to be NO PARKING in fire lanes within the Association.

Anyone who is will be towed away at the vehicle owners expense.

AMS will start the slurry seal at 7:30 AM, ALL vehicles must be moved from the common area parking, or your vehicle will be towed.

Any homeowners who would like to use their vehicles during the day, will need to have them moved out of the garage and away from the home by 7:30 AM, NO Exceptions.

Additional parking outside of the Association will be on Fullerton (North of Stone Pine LN), Cottonwood Ct., Aspen St. and Redwood Ct.

Residents will not be allowed to drive back into the Association until the morning of May 20th 2016.

Do not remove barriers or drive onto the common areas. Homeowners caught will be fined for damages incurred by the Association.

For any questions and/or concerns, please contact us.

Property Management.